Upcoming Title I Workshops

Ensuring Success in Math Workshop

October 16th

7:15-8:00 a.m.

Media Center


Growing All Readers Workshop

October 23rd

7:15-8:00 a.m.

Media Center

Title I Parent Workshop Videos

Listed below are links to videos of Title I Parent Workshops that have been held so far this school year at Lorraine.

Click on the title to be taken to the video.

How to Grow Your Child's Reading Ability

A Typical Day in the Science Lab

Title I Set Aside Funds

LES needs your help in planning progress and services that will serve you and your children.

All parents of children receiving Title 1 services have the opportunity to provide input into how the required 1% set-aside parental involvement funds are budgeted.

To provide feedback, please contact Judy Bolen at jbolen@rockdale.k12.ga.us or call (770)483-0657 extension 35198.

Parent Resource Center Materials

Check out learning materials in our Parent Resource Center in the library! Resources are aligned to the standards your child is expected to meet at each grade level. There are fun learning games and hands-on materials!

Lorraine Resource Center Picture 2
Lorraine Resource Center Picture 1
Lorraine Resource Center Picture 2Lorraine Resource Center Picture 1

Lorraine Resource Center Picture 3

Lorraine Resource Center Picture 4