From the PTO Board

Whether you are a parent sending your child to school for the first time, or a Lorraine veteran, the Lorraine Elementary PTO would like to welcome you and your child to LES.

What does the Lorraine PTO do?

Each year the PTO works with parents and teachers to organize and plan activities for the upcoming year. Just a few of these activities include the organization of volunteers for classrooms, carnival, school pictures, yearbook, skate nights, teacher/student appreciation and providing funds for projects and events that help make Lorraine a great school. How can we do all of this? By enlisting great volunteers and having successful, fun fundraising projects.

PTO Meetings-Everyone is welcome!

Another function of our PTO is to provide monthly meetings for communication between parents and Lorraine staff. We decide how to spend our hard earned money and raise issues with Dr. Ray that are appropriate for collective consideration. Our meetings are also great occasions to find out what is going on at Lorraine. Our General Membership meetings are held before all evening programs and the PTO Board meets the first Friday of the month. All meetings will be published in advance.

Your PTO board and committee chairs are excited about the year to come. Consider joining the PTO and volunteering some of your time to make your child’s experience at Lorraine a great one.

PTO Amazon Smile

LES PTO is now participating in the Amazon Smile Program. Each time you or your family members order through Amazon, LES PTO has an opportunity to earn .05% of the total sale.

All you have to do is sign in to Amazon using this link you have logged in all you need to do is sign in using your Amazon Account or Amazon Prime account username and password.

Please share the information with your family and friends. This is a very easy way for LES PTO to raise funds for our children and our school.






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