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Technology Help Assistance

Student Tips for Virtual Learning

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How to Update Microsoft Teams and get all of the features

How to correctly join a Microsoft Teams meeting online

Here is some guidance on getting past the most common issues:

1) "Website blocked", "This page cannot be reached" or "Lightspeed error"
     when trying to access assigned work:

School laptops use the "Lightspeed" filter to block inappropriate content. These errors mean that the filter is not connected. To correct this, do the following:

  • Begin first by completely shutting down the laptop and restarting.
  • When the sign-in screen comes up, DO NOT LOG IN YET. First, click the wireless signal icon in the bottom right and connect to your wireless network. Wait until the network is "Connected" before continuing.
  • Now, log into the laptop as usual. If you open a web browser, it should work now. (Check both Chrome and Edge. Use one if the other doesn't work.)

2) Need technical help?

·        Parents: Click here to access the RCPS Technical Help Resources

·        Students: Login into ClassLink to find the Student Tech Help

Make a Student Laptop Repair Appointment:

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